“My names are Omega William Kalago from Tanzania! On 27th July 2019, I had a fatal accident which resulted in my left leg being broken. With severe pains, I went to the hospital with no hope. They hard to insert a metal external frame because of the severity of the breakage and my leg was severely swollen and very painful. However my hope was renewed after being sprayed with Morning Water which was given to me by one of my friends who was privileged to visit The SCOAN!

“I can tell the world – for those who have little or no faith at all in what God can do through the Morning Water – you need to believe from now onwards! After praying and spraying the Morning Water, I started feeling hot on my leg! It was like someone was shaking my entire leg! Suddenly, I felt no more pains and the swollen leg started to reduce to normal. It is not even a month since my accident but there is no swelling and I can feel that the bones have been reunited! Doctors wondered at how fast my leg has recovered! I thank Almighty God for my healing!”