Good morning and Win Today!

I felt internal pain around the area of my bladder during urination.

It started about 5 years ago. It was a bitter experience of discomforting pain whenever I urinated. My sleep and other activities, as sport were affected. I became a regular at the hospital; multiple checkups were carried out on me, antibiotics administered, to ascertain what the problem was, yet nothing seemed to be the problem. I became a constant worry, which took its toe on me.

I have known Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua for quite a while, as my mom is a partner.  We would watch and partake in the services at our home.

Starting from March 2020, I prayed earnestly with Prophet T.B. Joshua through Emmanuel TV as well as ministering the Anointing Water. From that point on, the pain began to subside.

I would have sporadic dreams where Prophet T.B. Joshua would come and pray for me and touch me on my stomach-the area where I felt the pain the most.

My hope was strengthened and I was encouraged to pray the more. I received the Anointing Water and began to apply it daily. Something unique happened; an unclean spirit that had tormented me over the years manifested and, I was delivered.

After my deliverance, although the pain did not go completely, it drastically reduced and became bearable to a point I forgot it was ever there. All this happened without me taking any medications.

The administration of the Anointing Water and my prayer along Prophet T.B. Joshua did not stop.

When I slept on 1 February, I dreamt; I was in a hospital where I told the medical experts what I was going through, the excruciating pain I was suffering from, especially when I am urinating. A nurse told me to put on a transparent patient gown that the doctor was coming to operate on me.

GLORY BE TO GOD. After that dream, the pain drastically reduced and it got to a point where I did not remember if I ever had it.

My faith was boosted and I am now able to enjoy my healing and freedom.

The miraculous healing of God has never stopped.