“Good morning! My name is Ivy Magudulela from South Africa. I had a miscarriage last year and life was not easy. I was four months pregnant at the time it happened. I cried every time I saw someone pregnant – because it reminded me of what happened.

“After this happened, my husband and I were watching Emmanuel TV every Sunday and I put my hand on the screen as TB Joshua was praying for viewers and prayed for God to bless us with the fruit of the womb. I realised the war was spiritual when I saw a pair of black hands trying to pull my tummy while I was sleeping. By God’s grace, I became pregnant! When the pregnancy reached four months, I chose to pray throughout the night with the man of God and there was no miscarriage. I continued to pray with Emmanuel TV for the remainder of the nine months until I was due for delivery.

“When I reached the hospital, I was booked for an operation but I continued to pray and touch the screen of Emmanuel TV. When the time came, I went to the hospital thinking I would give birth through ‘c-section’ –  but praise be to God – I delivered safely without any operation! Thank You, Jesus!!! I gave birth to a baby boy!”