“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Febby Zulu from Zambia. During the last Interactive Prayer Session on Emmanuel TV, I received my own deliverance. The power of God was so much that I trembled and shook vigorously and my tummy felt as though it was turning as the apostles of God were praying during each interactive session.

I am a Pastor but I have never experienced the presence or the power of God in the manner I have now since the interactive service started. I have in my life always wished for the power of God to make me fall or make me shake but I would experience it in a much calmer way.  It is true the power of God is more powerful at a distance! I never knew this but I am so glad I have witnessed it and need more of it.

Hours later, my periods that I have not seen in a year and some months started. Hallelujah!!! I last saw my menstruation in early 2019. I would have stomach cramps from time to time, especially if I delayed eating. The cramps were so severe that I couldn’t sit still but had to bend over. I am testifying again that I am actually having my periods right now! As a Pastor, I have prayed for women with ceased menstruation and they would come back with a testimony but I wondered why I couldn’t see mine. Well, God’s power truly is more powerful at distance. I am a free woman today.

Thank You, Jesus! Thank you, my father in the Lord, Prophet TB Joshua, the five Apostles of God and the whole SCOAN family for making it possible for us to be part of this Interactive Prayer Session all over the world.”