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God has kept you until now for a purpose known to Him alone. This is why your being alive today suggests that you will achieve your goal. However, you have a role to play. The Bible says that when you seek anything for the salvation of your soul, whatever you receive will come with the peace of God. When you know that beyond your present situation is joy, you will have the strength to stand. It is only upon God’s strength that we can go forth, marching towards the throne He has set for us, but we have a role to play.

We must learn to put Christ in His proper place because when a person believes, he will no longer worry. Faith brings in restfulness. It reminds us that our sins are forgiven, therefore we have nothing to be worried about or hunted by. Faith is a lifestyle of trusting in God for what is next. As Christians, we need to see our situation as a builder of faith. It is the divine opportunity of today that leads us to the mystery of tomorrow. The success of your life depends on your role.  When you believe, you will appreciate and recognise the unseen hand of God that controls the affairs of men. The biggest decision in life is what you do with the instructions of Jesus Christ today. Make a heart decision in the present to benefit of the grace you need for tomorrow.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to always follow your instructions in everything I do, in Jesus’ name! Amen!