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In our relationship with God, we have our own role to play to enable Him to fulfil His promises to us. God expects us to present ourselves as willing instruments before He can dwell in us, walk with us and show us the direction to follow, as we fellowship with Him in Spirit and in truth. Walking with God in Spirit and in truth guarantees us the greatest assurance of His protection, love, blessing, peace, breakthrough, and hope.

We can only walk with God when we make His Word dominate our hearts and allow Him to direct us in life’s journey. God is a loving Father who would never lead His children astray. Although the challenges of life may sometimes appear to overwhelm us and make us think that God has abandoned us. However, we must realise that in our walk with Him, He sometimes allows us to face such challenges to strengthen our faith and belief in Him and to lead us to an expected end. As children of God, our duty is to obey God’s command while His duty is to keep His promises such was the case with Job, Martha, and Daniel; they all showed absolute faith in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and they demonstrated their unwavering faith in the ability of God to deliver and rescue them.

In our walk with God, for our needs to be met, we need to play our own role because God cannot do what we must do ourselves. Say this prayer: “Lord Jesus, hears the voice of my cry; listen to the meditation of my heart and grant me all my petitions, in Jesus Christ’s name!”