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As a Christian, what is your situation like? Focus on God alone. In our spiritual walk with God, sometimes it seems as if we are troubled on every side. Under such situations, many cry unto the Lord, not out of faith but out of fear, panic and lack of faith. God sometimes allows His people to come under such trying situations in order to bring them to their knees.

In the case of the Israelites, they murmured against Moses for bringing them out of bondage. Fear and panic set them murmuring against God as if HE was no longer able to salvage their situation. This is a dangerous thing to do. It is always in our own interest to get above our fears even when it seems impossible to get above our troubles. Fear changes our focus. We should comfort ourselves with the thoughts of the great salvation God is able to work for us.

Though we may be silent, we should not silence our faith and hope. All the same, we should not think we can save ourselves either by fighting or quitting and abandoning our posts). Exodus 14:15 – At that moment of great need, though Moses was silent, his faith was not silenced. The Bible says, his prayer of faith prevailed much more than Israel’s loud outcry of fear. God’s response was fast and to the point. This was done in order to encourage God’s people in all ages to trust God even in the midst of trying times.