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When observing your immediate surroundings, you will see satan using man’s unrighteousness to fulfil his purpose to kill, steal and destroy. As a true Christian, you must align your thoughts in line with God’s Word before reacting to your daily challenges. Unfortunately, many people today react intellectually or emotionally to their situation, and they end up overwhelmed and lose control. They start seeing people as the cause of their problem. For instance, when someone is struggling with poverty, and sees another person who is more financially stable, they perceive them as an enemy. Similarly, if someone is battling with depression, witnessing the happiness of others can provoke irritation.

When God Almighty carries out His Divine plan in our lives, He allows events to continue to unfold until His intended purpose is clear. All the heroes of faith overcame their situations by acting faithfully. Acting faith makes those things that are against us to be for us. Focusing on Christ Jesus during our trials puts everything else in perspective. Joseph was put in prison (Genesis 39:21-23), but he did not allow his prison conditions to stop him from running the straight race with God. He continued to honour God through his actions. God made him prosper to the end. If you are truly committed to God, God will take up all satan’s challenges against you. Therefore, no matter the situation or how difficult it may be for you today, God is aware.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to know You more and to understand Your purpose for my life, in Jesus’ name! Amen!