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Genesis 39:9 says, “There is no one greater in this house than I, nor has he kept back anything from me but you, because you are his wife. How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”

We live in a complex and contradictory world; every day we are challenged by issues that violate our conscience. We face them not by choice but because challenges prove our faith in God. As life's biggest decision is in what we do, if the decisions we make each day are not rooted in God's Word, they won’t stand the test of time.

The uniqueness of your challenge is the uniqueness of your greatness. Ask Joseph, and he will tell you that it takes boldness to say no to sin and yes to righteousness. Ask the Good Samaritan in that Book of Luke 10, and he will tell you that it takes boldness to show love and to shun hatred. If you are going to serve the Lord in truth and in faith, be prepared for times when you will be tested. Remember that successful people don’t just drift to the top; it takes focused action, personal discipline and lots of energy to make things happen every day. No matter the obstacles you encounter, there is a zeal to move forward.

Are you experiencing failure? Regardless of how you have tried and failed, you are alive to try again because Jesus Christ motivates us to try again and again. Learn to use the name of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, in accordance with the Scriptures, and discover the very secret that shook the whole world through the Apostles.

Prayer: O Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul, enlighten me, guide me and tell me what I should do. Help me to resist fear at all times, in Jesus Christ’s name! Amen!