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People of God, don’t be bemused or puzzled by the title of this message. Actually, when we mention sleep, we are not talking about the natural state of rest whereby the eyes are closed and consciousness is lost. No! When we ask you to stop sleeping, we simply mean that you should be spiritually awake and alert! It is pathetic seeing children of God sleeping while the devil is busy working, causing conflict, war, confusion and chaos everywhere, while those called to be watchmen are busy sleeping.

As a Christian, if you are not praying, you are sleeping spiritually! Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “I may sleep but not spiritually.” Life is spiritual! Life is not fun and games, not a bonding meeting, a playground or an encounter group but a battlefield where only the serious-minded emerge victorious! The serious-minded know the great importance of prayer! If you are not praying, you are not serious-minded! Colossians 4:2 encourages us to continue in prayer. Don’t stop praying! The moment you stop praying, you stop living! Prayer is to the spiritual man what breathing is to the natural man.

Disappointment in the success of prayer should be an excitement in the duty of prayer! The duty of prayer is based on the sufficiency of God. As children of God, our enemy must not catch us sleeping. A Christian should pray every day and be in an attitude of prayer at all times. Let us be serious-minded! Let us stop sleeping! Let us learn to pray!

Prayer: O Holy Spirit, help me to pray without ceasing, in Jesus’ name! Amen!