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Faith is the evidence of things not seen. After a farmer has planted his seed, he believes it is growing before he sees it grow. This is faith which is, ‘the evidence of things not seen’ (Hebrews 11:1). In Christ, we have a perfect evidence for faith. Any man or woman can get rid of their doubts by looking steadfastly and only at the evidence which God has for our faith. Seeing only what God says will produce and increase our faith. Oh what a means of blessing is the look of faith to Christ! There is life, light, liberty, love, joy, guidance, wisdom, perfect health – in fact, everything.

Real faith is based upon the Word of God. Real faith says, “If God’s Word says it is true, it is”; whereas faith by feelings says, ‘Unless I see, I cannot believe; unless I touch, I cannot believe’ (John 20:25). Believing God is to believe His Word. Remember, if you believe in Him, you can say what He has said and do what He has done. Jesus said to His disciples, ‘As the Father has sent me, so send I you’ (John 17:18).

Prayer Points:
• Ask Jesus to give you the grace to keep the Words of the Holy Spirit in your mind, in your mouth and in every conversation.
• Lord, give me the grace to make Your Word the standard for my life. Give me the grace to prove the Words of God, to teach them, to live by them and to make them work.
• Lord Jesus, open my heart.
• Open my heart to faith
• Open my heart to Your Spirit
• Open my heart to Your Words
• Make my heart a dwelling place. In Jesus’ name