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The best man in the world can only maintain his integrity and honour as long as God keeps him in it. God chooses what we go through; we choose how we go through it. Being faithful to God does not eliminate adversities. Moses, Joseph and Daniel were all rejected and persecuted by men but God made their troubles work for their advancement. In our spiritual walk with God, there will be good and hard times alike. Consider the case of Job. He was tempted by satan to abandon his God but he never did. At certain periods, we find ourselves being unduly hated and persecuted because of God’s grace in our lives. They will call you names in order to overthrow you but you must not give in — just continue to hold on to God.

Daniel knew that he was in the midst of persecution. He also knew the evil wishes of his adversaries, so he prayed to God not to allow his enemies to triumph over him. His enemies lost no time in plotting evil against him and he also lost no time in continually committing himself to God through prayer. Daniel had firm confidence in God’s ability to deliver him in the face of death. He humbly submitted to God’s will. Daniel’s consistency and faithfulness are a challenge to all Christians today. Therefore, whatever you are passing through, if it is allowed by God as a trial, you should not think it strange and doubt your Guard. Remember that Job did not faint in his faith but stood his ground, knowing that the threats to his life offered him a good opportunity of honouring God before men.

Therefore, as children of God, we must hold on to God. Keep your confession of faith: “Jesus is Lord! Let His name be glorified forever!” when the goings are good or tough. Say this prayer: “Lord Jesus, give me the grace to continue to hold on to you in both good and hard times alike! Guide me, Lord, so that my enemies will not triumph over me! In Jesus’ name!”