It all began at the tender age of 10. Coming home from school, Patrick was enticed and raped by an elderly man. Immediately after this wicked defiling, his natural urges were ‘replaced’ with attraction and affection for his fellow men.

Growing older, Patrick’s passions became even more perverse, leading him to dress and behave in a feminine manner. Abandoning school, the young Tanzanian became a ‘playboy’ for rich and wealthy men for over 15 years.

Watch and witness how this young man finally found his freedom from the demon of homosexuality after prayer and a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria!

“Love the sinner but hate the sin. Hate the act, not the person. If you don’t love them, how can you help them? You cannot help people you hate. There is no love through hatred. Genuine help can only come from love. Hate does not help; love helps. This is why Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ” – T.B. Joshua