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Only those who fear God can appreciate what it takes to maintain true friendship. It does not consist in eye service, selfishness and greed but in mutual sharing of understanding, love and interests. Each party should be prepared to suffer some pain if that is what is required to keep the relationship on course. If it is your money, wisdom, comfort, knowledge or talent – sacrifice it. This is the symbiotic relationship which is approved by God.

The kind of person you are determines the kind of people that fellowship with you. Remember, you are what you are by virtue of the company you keep. There are four classes of people in life: those that add to your life, those that multiply, those that subtract and those that divide your life. Each relationship has a way of affecting you either positively or negatively, depending on the company you keep. It takes the grace of God to know who to turn to.

Never come around people just because of what you stand to gain but come around people, first and foremost because of what you have to add to others’ lives, knowing that when we give, we receive more of whatever we give (Acts 20:35; Luke. 6:38). There can be no true friendship without love and there can be no love without giving – I mean, giving for Christ’s sake. There are friends in need and there are friends indeed.

You cannot do it without others because your life depends on other people. I mean, you are what you are by reason of the company you keep. If your relationship with others is based on the principle of sharing, you would find yourself among people who are eager to add to and multiply your life. If what you are doing is according to God’s Word, you would be covered by His grace. It is His grace that covers our weakness.