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RAW CHARITY: T.B. Joshua As You Have NEVER Seen Him!!!

Brace yourself. You may have watched many clips of Emmanuel TV on YouTube but you are about to see a side of T.B. Joshua you have perhaps NEVER seen… This is charity at its most touching meeting humanity at its most grueling!

Join T.B. Joshua and team in an epic journey through a dense tropical rainforest in Ecuador for the official opening of a school donated by Emmanuel TV in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck the South American nation in 2016.

The school, constructed in the indigenous community of San Salvador de Los Chachis, provides quality education for countless hundreds of students. Representatives from the Ecuadorian military and government welcome T.B. Joshua to their nation, appreciating this touching contribution to Ecuador’s leaders of tomorrow – love that transcended the barriers of language, race and geographical location!

Be inspired to make a difference in your own world as you watch, in Jesus’ name!