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satan using man’s unrighteousness as an instrument for his purpose to kill, steal and destroy. As a believer, you must take time to think properly to react diligently to your daily challenges. Unfortunately, many people today react intellectually or emotionally to their situation and they are overwhelmed. If you lose control, you will lose all sense of reasoning and when you lose your sense of judgment, you will fight the wrong battle. Believers may encounter challenges but their situations are not like others. For others, their situation is to impair them, to destroy them, but as a Christian, yours is to improve you, to draw you closer to God. As true Christians, we must learn to see the value in our trials on any challenge that come our way.

Consider what happened to Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:7, when he prayed for the thorn to be removed, you will realise that there are some situations that no amount of fasting and prayers can remove. The Bible refers to those situations as unchangeable events, they can be in the form of sickness, hardship, or failure. Job’s affliction was an unchangeable event, but he saw his situation as an opportunity to honour God before men. As a believer, whatever situation you are in, there is no real evil in it, because God is aware. When God Almighty is executing His plan in our lives, He allows events that continue to unfold until His purpose is revealed in our lives.

Remember to focus on Jesus Christ in the midst of your trials. If God allows it as a test of faith, don’t think it strange and doubt your Guard. Those who have a clear purpose in life, no matter what comes, always find room in their heart to bless God even when He takes what their life depends on. If you are really committed to God, He will take up satan’s challenges against you. God is powerful and faithful to His faithful ones. No matter the situation, God is aware. Leave it for God, He will not leave you without a solution today, in Jesus’ name! Amen.