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There are people who complain that they cannot maintain their healing, blessings, financial breakthrough and deliverance. If you had been maintaining the blessing you had received from God right from the beginning of your life, you would not be complaining today. Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “If you have not seen enough and you receive suddenly, you will lose that blessing because you will not know the value of that blessing. God allows you to see enough because He does not want you to lose what you are going to receive.”

In Hebrews 12:8-18, it is written that God trains all of His children. God trains us for two main things: for us to receive and for us to maintain what we receive. Anybody can be blessed but not everybody can maintain their blessings. Maintenance is not about keeping the blessings but about preserving our relationship with the Giver – God. 

Blessings cannot maintain your life but the Source of your blessings can -- and that is God! Remember, maintenance is more important than receiving. As Christians, we need God more in blessings than in poverty, because the blessings of God always attract uncommon challenges, persecution, hatred, envy and jealousy from the people to such an extent that it is only God that can see us through. More blessings mean more enemies. Therefore, watch and pray the more to maintain your blessings.

 PRAYER: Oh Holy Spirit, help me to maintain my relationship with You, in Jesus’ name! Amen!