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Today, everybody desires breakthrough whereas disappointment sometimes serves to keep us for a new level in life. Everybody wants comfort whereas pain sometimes serves to keep us for a new level in life. Mention any great Biblical character and you would see how much pain he had to endure to come to a new level in life. Are you talking of Job? Job’s pain served to keep him for a new level in life (Job 1-2). Is it Joseph? Consider the pain he went through – from the dry pit, through prison, to the throne (Genesis 37, 39-45). Is it Daniel? Imagine his experience in the lions’ den (Daniel 6). It is the principle of life that for everything there is a purpose. I mean, nothing happens for nothing. Unless you understand this principle, you are bound to despair or murmur when things seem to go contrary to your expectation.

Remember that events that seem ordinary may have extraordinary effects in the spirit, much of which is hidden from the ordinary eye. It takes the reflective mind to discover that behind your situation lie God’s promises for your life. Sit and reflect; you will discover that nothing happens for nothing. That situation you are in does not come by chance; it is as it should be by divine will.