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Today, our hearts are so taken up by worldly considerations that we are impatient to recognise the fact that there is an appointed time for everything. This is why we try to move the hands of the clock forward by hook and crook. In order to beat the gun, we kill, join cults, steal and destroy.

Assuming Jesus had been impatient when his brothers urged Him to show off in public before the appointed time, He may have been killed by His enemies who were looking for Him at all costs (John 7:3-8). The same thing happens to us today. When we are impatient, we tend to disregard the fact that there is a time for everything.

Assuming Jesus was impatient to perform publicly, He may have failed to turn the water into wine. Assuming Jesus was impatient when His mother urged Him to turn water into wine, He may have failed altogether. But He simply said, “My time has not yet come”, knowing that there is an appointed time for everything (John 2:1-10). When it was time to die, He told his disciples, “The hour is near” (Matthew 26:45).

We all know that when it is time to start a race, everybody waits for the blast of the gun or the sound of the whistle; but in our daily lives, the opposite is the case. In an attempt to beat the gun, we discover that we are the worse for it; we pay dearly for it.

If any person beats the gun, that person would be called back to begin afresh, while others are still waiting patiently for the sound of the gun. This is what we mean by the saying, “More haste, less speed”, meaning that if you are in a haste to achieve something, you are likely to make costly mistakes that would pull you back, if not down. This is exactly what is happening today. Always remember – God’s time is the best!