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Your attitude and conduct cannot change until the Holy Spirit gives birth in you a picture of what He is looking at when He sees you. This means that you are to position yourself for the Holy Spirit to see you. How do we position ourselves? We do this by showing genuine desire towards the things of God, His Word.

As it is not all up to God; certainly, it is not all up to us. It takes both God’s ability and our willingness to bring about the new birth. This you must do yourself. He would not do for you what you must do yourself. What is He looking at? Remember, in His mind He has created us a success. When He is looking at us, He sees in us the success He has created in us. It is up to us to have that success transferred into our lives by meditating it, confessing it and acting it.

Remember, when one is poor and he is thinking like a poor man, talking like a poor man, acting like a poor man and also moving with poor people – poverty would never leave him, because he is always meditating, confessing and acting poverty. Also when one is sick and he is meditating sickness, confessing sickness and acting sickness – sickness would never leave him.