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When a man of God prays for you and you are free from pain, you ought to stop complaining. For example, there was a sister I prayed for. When I prayed for her, she was freed from pain but the whine did not leave her voice. There was no confession of victory in her lips; there is always a danger of a mental assent confession. Mental assent recognises the truthfulness of the Word but never acts upon it. Its confession is, “Oh yes, there is healing in the Word. There is salvation and deliverance in the Word, but…” On the other hand, faith joyfully confesses its victory. Its joy is a celebration.

When you act on the Word, you are acting in unison with Him. You and Him are lifting the load together. You and Him are walking together, facing persecution and trials together. You are in accord with Him. Now, you are walking with Him; you are sharing His ability and strength. Now you can work for Him, realising His ability has become yours. When you are working for God, His ability and strength become yours.