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Brethren, take note of this word of exhortation. Every Christian should realise that if you are in the place where God wants you, the devil would want to dislodge or displace you out of the relationship. He wants to uproot men and women from the place where God plants them. Therefore, the bottom line is we should not make it easy for the devil. Instead, in times of great conflict in your relationship, stay where you are; don’t budge. This will spoil the devil’s plan!

Any relationship that is of God is bound to attract trials, attack and temptation of all kinds because we are never out of touch. If you are in the place where God wants you, you are never out of touch. Where God guides, He provides. We make it easy for the devil by thinking and believing that our relationships with friends and neighbours are out of touch. We make it easy by believing that our marriages are out of touch. Temptation will come. Tribulations and trials of all kinds will emerge. But remember that they can only shake and tempt you. For example, never abandon your matrimonial relationship because as a Christian, the shake-ups are to strengthen your marriage!