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Why do we murmur and complain when things do not go the way we expect? Why do we compare ourselves to others and measure ourselves by ourselves when we know that the way and manner God executes His plans and purpose in our lives differ?

The Bible says, in our darkest moments, we should not forget that our comforter, the Holy Spirit is always there with us. Brethren in the Lord, we must understand that unfavorable circumstances are the greatest arguments satan uses to make the people of God question their sonship. Satan, the enemy, wants us to curse God while under pain and hardship; that is why he takes delight in inflicting pain on the children of God.

Prophet T.B. Joshua says that the greatest thing satan aims at in tempting good people, I mean God’s people, first is to cut off their dependence on God. Those who bless God in their situation will be blessed by God in that situation and they have also proven their sonship. And if we know that God Almighty is still saying something concerning our situation, we will not follow the majority and begin to seek alternatives outside the church.

Brethren in the Lord, we must not follow the majority but cultivate an independent heart, a heart that finds out the truth from God, a heart that is not easily influenced by what others say or do. In conclusion, brothers and sisters in Christ, let us trust in Christ alone and we will not be confounded in time or eternity.


1) Lord Jesus Christ, give me the grace to be conscious of my faith, under great trials and temptations. 2) Lord Jesus Christ, give me the grace to cultivate an independent heart.