Real love forgets wrong so that there will be hope for the future. You have to forget wrong and love because a servant today can be a leader tomorrow; your enemy today can be your saviour tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is a mystery. Since tomorrow is a mystery and we don’t know what will happen next, we have to be very careful today, so that we do not offend tomorrow. You cannot explain tomorrow because God is tomorrow; He owns the future. God does as He wills; He can take unlikely people, including those that are undeserving to the palace. He does as He wills. Tomorrow is a mystery and what you are doing today can offend tomorrow. Offence opens the door to satan and when you hold a grudge against your brother because he offended you, you have already grieved the Holy Spirit. If God says you should not hold offence, you have to be very careful regarding it. As much as you can, try to live peacefully with your neighbours because tomorrow is a mystery. 

Remember that God promised to set a table before you in the presence of your enemies. If you kill your enemies, how will they see the table the Lord will set before you? Enemies are there to strengthen us in our Christian life. Attacks from the enemy are meant to strengthen our Christian life and our desire and determination for God. The more they attack you as a Christian, the more you should pray and draw closer to God. 

Say this prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, give me the grace to love my enemy as myself. I leave all to You. I let go of grudges, offence, resentment and anger, in Jesus’ name!” Amen!