During a Sunday service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophetically warned the nation of India of an impending calamity involving a huge bridge. He said:

“Pray for this country, India. I am seeing a very huge bridge broken and when a bridge divides into two, what do you think will happen to everybody? Pray for India. This bridge is very close to the river. I am seeing ‘Breaking News’. They [will] say this is a bridge – divided. Those of you who can go on the internet – put it on the internet to inform them. Pray for the nation, India. I am seeing this happen; they should take care of Thursday, Wednesday. Please, pray for this nation. Innocent people going.”

On Thursday March 31, 2016, a bridge under construction in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, close to the Hooghly River, tragically collapsed, killing many people and injuring hundreds of others.

We at Emmanuel TV send our condolences to the nation of India and all the family members and friends of those who died in this tragic incident, praying that God would strengthen and comfort them at this trying time.