I am Primate Daniel Olatunde Soyinka (JP), the Deputy President of the United Nigerian Christian Prophets Association, Nigeria and worldwide. We’ve come to condole the entire members of the Synagogue Church of All Nations and the entire family of our Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. It was a very great loss to us and we are just trying to bear the irreparable loss. I want to appeal to everybody here; more especially the disciples move the work of the senior prophet forward, to uplift the work of God in progress, and God Almighty will surely endow you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding in Jesus name.

Senior Apostle J.A. Durodola, Secretary to the local body of Nigerian Prophets and Prophetesses Council, national and worldwide

I am Senior Apostle J.A. Durodola, Secretary to the local body of Nigerian Prophets and Prophetesses Council, national and worldwide. I only need to add more to what my father in the lord has just said about Prophet T.B. Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations worldwide. He was a servant of God to the core. We have seen so many things that he has done. He showed compassion, especially to the needy. So, I pray that God Almighty will uphold this church of God and that all the members will be steadfast and continue with the noble work the servant of God has done. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Emmanuel! Daddy, the Lord’s General. Words have actually failed me and my family since we had that news on Sunday. But we were consoled immediately we put a call across to the church and we were told that you pre-told this event, and that you have gone to be with the Lord.

We are not so surprised because we know who you are; we know what you represent and we are glad that your legacy will continue and no power on earth…  The Lord has started that in your life and you took it to this level, and I am pretty sure that the Lord will hand over the mantle to another person that will represent you, and even do far higher than all of us would have expected. Thank you so much. Go in peace and rest in the bosom of the Lord till we see to part no more.

Pharmacist Sir Michael Ajisegiri., JP

My name is Pharmacist Sir Michael Ajisegiri, JP.  We are here on behalf of Ajisegiri Street, Agodo-Egbe, where Pastor Joshua started his ministry and where he resided even up till the time of his departure. He was humble from the beginning, a perfect gentleman, starting from the scratch, because we knew him and we are happy to be associated with him.

His loss is a big one to us and to humanity, and to the whole world because we know how many lives he has touched, both old and young. We know his respect and love for the elderly ones. We are all humans and we are bound to depart one day. That is the only consolation that we have. He has used himself to serve humanity at large locally, nationally and internationally.   He was a figure that we all respected and we would have loved him to remain as long as possible, but God in His infinite mercy, knows what He is doing. He knows the time for us to come; He chooses the time to take us back. On behalf of members of the street, and of course the people of Agodo-Egbe, who we also represent, we say adieu to Pastor Joshua. Rest in perfect peace at the bosom of the Lord.

Shasha Marley, a Ghanaian international reggae musician

My name is Shasha Marley, a Ghanaian international reggae musician. I met with the Prophet in the year 2009 for the first time in my life; it was when I was almost in my grave. I met with the Prophet when I had an enlarged heart. The prophet prayed for me and gave me the Anointing Water and ministered to me, and my heart became normal. I am here today to mourn with the family of the prophet, and to console the whole church that it is not over until it is over. God be with us. Emmanuel!

Chief Liasu Akeem, the Asiwaju Oba of Agodo kingdom on behalf of the king, Oba Mudashiru Odejobi

My name is Chief Liasu Akeem, I am the Asiwaju Oba of Agodo kingdom. I am here with the Ajagunna of Agodo kingdom, the Ajiroba of Agodo kingdom, the Oluwo and Apena of Agodo kingdom. We are here on behalf of our king, Oba Mudashiru Odejobi who is presently in the United States. He can’t make it down here and he ordered us to come and represent him here and pay a condolence visit on the passage of the Man of God. The Man of God was a good friend of the family and the community. He was a good and cheerful giver. Each time you see him, indeed, you’re happy, no matter the condition. He was not somebody who would push people away, and he did not discriminate. So, he related with everybody equally and never got angry over anything, no matter how one tried to frustrate him, he would never get angry. So, we have lost a rare gem; we have lost a hero in this community, no doubt about that. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Apostle Victor, the Founder of Hand of God Church and Nazareth Television in Volta Region, Ghana

My name is Apostle Victor, the Founder of Hand of God Church and Nazareth Television in Volta Region, Ghana. We thank God for this glorious home call for our father in the Lord, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua and I can say that God has indeed called him into glory because since 11 years ago when I met this man of God, he has really impacted on my life, and I can gladly say he is indeed in Heaven rejoicing in the bosom of our father Abraham.

On the 6th of June, early in the morning, I had a revelation and I saw what the Lord was saying that His servant Joshua was indeed with Him there. We are so glad that indeed God has called him into glory. God bless you all. Emmanuel! God is with us.

  Kenneth Okere and Patricia Okere

This is Kenneth Okere and Patricia Okere, my wife. We are here to thank God for everything that has happened. We give God the glory for His mercy. We would also like to say that we will miss Daddy, but I will like to quote something from Daddy: ‘Whether we die young, or old, it does not matter. What matters is the grace to live here after.’ That for me are words that would be engraved in our hearts, that whatever we would do, we should ask for His mercy and His grace so that we would be able to live here after.  We will definitely keep listening to Daddy. His words and his messages are still living and we still feel his presence very much around us.

My name is Patricia Okere. We are actually touched with what happened; in everything we give God the glory. From Daddy’s words, he said there is time to come to service, and there is time to go home. From those words, it showed that he actually knew that he was going. He said that it is T.B. Joshua that has gone, but the prophet is still in our midst. I thank God he is resting in the bosom of our Lord. We will dearly miss him. May his soul continue to rest in peace. Amen!  

  Reverend Caleb Ebijimi

My name is Reverend Caleb Ebijimi. I just want to testify of what I have seen. I want to tell the whole world that the Man of God did not die, but he went to rest with his Father.

On the 5th, around 3am, I was in a dream. I saw this old man, about 100 years. He sat in my front, backed me and he was discussing. Later he told me ‘I want to be going.’ Going where? In that my dream, they gave me a song. I was weeping when I was singing that song, that: “ kosi eni tole da duro…” I was singing that song and my wife woke me up and asked what was happening. I told her I saw an old man almost 100 years in age who told me that he wanted to be going. That was why I was crying and singing that song. I told her to help me tape the song down. It is in this phone. Ten minutes after, one of my friends called me and asked if I had heard what happened. I asked him what? He said his daughter saw it on the television screen that Prophet T.B. Joshua was dead. I asked how?  I want to tell the whole world that Prophet T.B. Joshua was an old man. If you want to talk about his age, by now he would be more than 100 years. He had just come back to finish his work; after all, Jesus Christ lived for 33 years. So, if Prophet T.B. Joshua died and went to his father at the age of 57 years, he had worked a lot.

I want to tell you, before we can see a person like Prophet T.B. Joshua in this world, it will take 100 years to come. Write it down. This is because he had come to finish the work, and he had done it, everybody has seen it. Prophet T.B. Joshua did not know Hausa, did not know Muslim, and did not know Christian; he did not know anybody. He loved every human being. If you are a Christian, brothers and sisters, you need to love everybody. He did not discriminate against any church, he carried everybody along. If you know you are a good Christian, carry everybody along. God bless you.