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Category: Water Therapy

Healed From SEVERE Menstrual Pains!!

"My name is Mrs Mogogi Leburu. I am 38 years old from Botswana. I have been suffering from severe menstrual pains since I started my period in 1998 - over 20 years ago. I couldn't do anything unless I took painkillers, which I usually took six tablets per day. Whenever I went to hospitals, I was always given the painkillers to assist. This year 2020 in March during the lockdown, I started following Prophet T.B. Joshua's prophetic massage about drinking hot water with lemon. During my period in April, I just decided not to take painkillers. To my greatest surprise, I experienced no pains throughout…

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HEALED From Body Itching!!!

'Emmanuel ! I am Hannah Tibil from Ghana. The problem that brought to The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) was body itching. It was so severe that I couldn't take a bath with a sponge for the past nine years! "Anytime, I took a bath with a sponge, I would scratch my body the whole day which was very painful too! I have been to many hospitals and clinics but all to no avail. I started following Emmanuel TV and witnessed several miracles and testimonies . By following the programs on Emmanuel TV, my faith in God arose. "Having been convicted in my heart…

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"Good morning! My name is Maria Dosunmu and I am from USA. My menstruation had ceased for the last two years. However, this month February, my lovely mum and beautiful sister sent me the Living Water they received at The SCOAN inside a bottle. I received it in America on Monday 3rd February 2020 and immediately ministered it in Jesus' name. On Wednesday 5th February 2020 - just two days later - my menstruation started flowing!!! Praise God!"

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